I have fallen in love with this tool. Why? Because I hate slow loading webpages. I am one of those individuals you will lose if the site takes too long to load. It’s terrible but true. Large media files are often the cause of slower webpages. Compressor.io prevents this by compressing the images you want to host, sometimes by 50+%, but keeps the quality of the image in tact. How? Simply by removing all the information in the image that is irrelevant to humans (colors on a spectrum we cannot see) and optimizing coding. It supports JPEG,  PNG, GIF, and SVG. There are two options for compression: lossy (doesn’t keep all of the data after compression so it is smaller) and lossless (keeps all the data so original image can be recovered later should you need to). Don’t believe it’s possible? The featured image for this post was compressed by 57%. Find the original here. See if you find a difference.


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