Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool.  Their tagline is “Be less busy.”  I feel like I could stop talking about it right now, and many of you would be sold… but I digress.  Slack has chat rooms, called channels, where any part of your team can join the conversation.  You can also have private channels or send direct messages, but the real beauty of this tool is that any member of your team can jump in with their thoughts.  You can also upload files into your channels.  Slack is very social media-esque.  You can “like” things or reply to certain comments instead of an entire thread.  Most of this will come intuitively.  The BEST feature: everything on Slack is searchable, and I mean everything.  Slack also has the ability to work with many tools you’re probably already using, like Dropbox for instance.

Who’s ready to be less busy?  I know I am!


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