Low-tech intermission

Our lightning posts are finished, so we will be resuming our regular schedule of the 1st and 15th for posts. With all this tech talk, we’re going to take a break. I’ll be talking about my pen and paper method for staying organized, which is inspired by the bullet journal. I know. I know. You’ve probably seen a million unrealistic instagram photos on the ‘bujo.’ It can be a bit intimidating for those of us without artistic talent, of which I have ZERO. I take a much simpler approach.

Most common planners are pretty boring, so there is no reason the my spread needs to be instagram worthy. I create only what features I need to use, and nothing more. For me that means a calendar of the year, with space for important dates (birthdays, holidays, etc.), and a daily spread. My daily spread includes space to track exercise, mood, meditation, affirmations, tasks and a review of the day. You can see pictures of my spread below. I added color, because I like color, but there aren’t many artistic touches. I’m often too lazy to even bother with a ruler.

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I still have my google calendar, where I keep track of my work and class schedule and all of my appointments. However, very few options track it all the rest in one space with quite the ease of scribbling it down on paper. It is true that creating the spread takes a little time. However, if you don’t care a great deal about straight lines, it doesn’t take long at all. It’s almost meditative to start your day or your week creating your spread. What I like is that it is customizable. If something doesn’t work, remove it. Need to track something new, add it. This format wastes no space. Once you find a system that works, it becomes second nature. If you happen to have an artistic streak, then it can become a playground for design and doodles. One last advantage, even though many enthusiasts love their dot pads, it can be done in any notebook. Your planner can have any cover you find and enjoy and still have only what you want inside.

We’ll be back to tinkering and reviewing tech next month. See you on the 1st.


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