As part of starting my new job, I had to set up my new computer. Doing this always reminds me of the things I take for granted. The set up of my desktop, the icons pinned to my taskbar, and the extensions on my browser. However, the shake up in my complacency also made me reevaluate what privacy measures I’m taking. I did some research, and while not a ton has changed, there are some new developments. So, for this short post, I give you a annotated list of privacy extensions, apps, and programs you should know about if you don’t already.

Privacy badger – A browser extension created by EFF that blocks third party cookies.

HTTPS: Everywhere – Another browser extension created by the good folks at EFF. This one makes sure that your communication with major sites is encrypted using https regardless of whether the site defaults to http.

Peekier – This search engine does not collect any personally identifiable information like IP addresses. As an added measure, it presents results with previews to prevent you from sending your information to a range of different websites as you try to decide on the best result.

Duck Duck Go – Another search engine that does not track you, but it also doesn’t have the preview feature of Peekier.

No Script – This extension is not for the impatient or tech unsavvy, but it gives you the most control allowing you to approve each and every script a website loads. Once you have used it for a while, it does get less tedious though. Unfortunately at times privacy and convenience are not always the best bedfellows.

Epic Privacy Browser –  This web browser is fundamentally a more secure Chrome. It uses Chromium as it’s base; routes all traffic through their servers to strip identifying information; and keeps no cookies, no history, and no cache. For this much privacy you get a stripped down and clean browser.

Comodo Browsers – With options for a browser based on Chrome or Firefox , there is a browser for each users preference.

LastPass – This password manager both keeps and makes passwords for you. Thinking up good memorable passwords for a myriad of sites and applications is difficult, especially if you do not access the that often. This program alleviates some of that stress.

Hope some of this helps!


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