So… I have a confession to make: I am not disciplined enough to have tried these website and app blockers myself.  ONE DAY, I will break my habit of checking Facebook 20 times a day and having 15 tabs open, but today isn’t that day.  However, after admitting I check Facebook so often, I know I have a problem and could potentially be much more productive and focused at work if I blocked such sites and apps on my work PC.  I have a feeling some of you probably feel the same way, so with the caveat that I can offer no personal experience using these add-on blockers, I am listing just a few I recently learned about here in hopes of publicly shaming myself into trying them.

Tabs and Windows

  • Max Tabs (Firefox): limits the number of tabs you can open at once; default is 10, but can customize
  • TooManyTabs (Chrome or Firefox): tab manager; doesn’t keep you from having many tabs open, but allows sorting and a bird’s eye “preview” of all tabs


  • Block site (Chrome) or Blocksite (Firefox): block any site; can choose a redirect page
  • Focus (Mac): blocks distracting websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • Cold Turkey (cross platform): robust productivity tool; block websites or even Internet access, utilize whitelists, schedule blocking times, lock yourself out of your computer, keep up with progress or time saved

There are many other options out there.  Some, like Cold Turkey, can go so far as to shut down your computer and others you can easily circumvent if you MUST check social media.  Play around, find what works for you, and come back here and shame me for ending this blog post to go check my Facebook!


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