Tech-Life Balance

Tech-life balance is not a new catchphrase, and it is at times used as an extension of work-life balance. However, it differs in that finding a balance between the tech in our lives and living our lives extends beyond work. This idea comes to mind lately because of two books I’m reading: When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing and Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (book review links not sponsored ones). The former helps you consider the best times to do certain sorts of tasks while the latter discusses the importance of distraction-free work time.

I am definitely a lark with a tendency to–SQUIRREL! Needlesstosay, I’m working to optimize my work patterns and make more progress on projects in my off-time. So what this amounts to is restructuring my life to regulate the times spent on what Cal Newport (Deep Work) calls shallow work out of my peak work time, which for me is about four hours from 9-1. It is not easy.

When I am writing and feel as though I need to research a particular thing, I make a note and try to move on. Otherwise, I will inevitably fall down a research rabbit hole from which I will emerge with little more than lost productivity. It requires me to go analog at times; you cannot be distracted by websites you cannot visit on a notepad. It is causing me to rethink the ways I communicate and the importance of the things I find I am prioritizing. Tech has plenty of benefits. It enriches our lives, but with all things, moderation is key. I will continue reading and restructuring and will follow-up. In the meantime, how do you maintain tech-life balance?


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