Teaching is an intensive process. Between planning lessons, preparing assignments, and grading, there is no shortage of hours spent behind the scenes for an hour of class time. Thankfully there are some tech solutions that might help enhance all that effort and bolster your lessons.

Nearpod is a slideshow application that allows the audience to follow along with you and interact with your presentation. You can embed questions they can answer or links for them to follow. It facilitates instructive lessons where a bit of hands-on practice is best. 

On-screen annotation is helpful during walkthroughs or group editing sessions. If you do not have access to a smart board (or podium), there are several applications that do similar things. EpicPen has a free version but they require you get the $20 license if you want to use it for teaching. Ink2Go is another annotation program, but it does not have a free version. A license costs the same $20 as EpicPen. 

Software can increase collaboration in group work. You can have students brainstorm together using mind mapping applications. Integrate instant translation apps or augmented reality into lessons. Creativity is the only barrier to what you might use.

Now, there are studies do show that using laptops in class can decrease student performance. However, when teachers selectively and purposefully blend technology into the curriculum, it can help students connect more deeply with our lessons. The key is to avoid adopting technology for technology’s sake. Think about your learning objectives and see if there is a tool that can help you better reach them. 

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