It begins!

It begins!

A couple of months ago I attended ER&L. It was all so new. I was shy and overwhelmed. I attended the reception, fantastically late, hoping to make some acquaintance. I moved to the far end of the only half full reception area to the wallflowers by the windows. My secret wish was to find a isolated seat where I could hide, tell myself I tried, and again read through my schedule for the next day. I was disappointed, and thankfully so.

I swallowed my nervousness and asked to sit next to a librarian, who I’ll call J., who looked confidently alone yet strangely welcoming. J was gracious and open.  One more lone sole sat a chair away. J and I made eye contact and invited her over with a waive. She happily glided over chair in hand, and that was how I met Dee. There we sat, a council of new attendees discussing the pasts that led us here and our strategies for the next few days. We all had different reasons for being in that room, at that conference, on that journey, but our goal was similar, learn something, hopefully several things, that could make us better librarians.

It made me realize just how many paths there are. The next few days stressed just how much there is to learn. I returned to my room in my hostel at the end of day one wanting to tinker with all the new things I had seen. The idea for this blog was born, and somehow I convinced Dee to tag along. We’ll be posting on the 1st and 15th of each month. Let’s see where this rabbit hole goes!


Next up: Canva