Pixabay: copyright free images

Pixabay: copyright free images

As promised, here is a brief overview of Pixabay.  If you’re like me, searching for images for use on the web makes you nervous.  Pixabay can help.  Pixabay is a search engine of over 630,000 FREE images and videos free of copyright.  Any image downloaded from Pixabay can be used, modified, and distributed any way you like.  No attribution at all is required to take and use these images.

Anyone may contribute content to Pixabay; however, not all content is accepted.  All images must meet Pixabay’s quality standards, so you can rest assured you will find some great images using this tool.  You do not have to pay to use images found through Pixabay, but Shutterstock images do appear at the top of search results which are fee-based and help finance Pixabay, as well as provide professional photo options to users.  You do have the option to make a contribution to content providers when you download an image, but this is completely optional and unobtrusive.

As if it wasn’t already great that Pixabay has free, high quality images that I can actually use… it gets even better.  As a librarian, I can really appreciate the power of Pixabay’s search engine.  The filter options are incredibly useful.  You can filter by media type, orientation, subject category, size, and color.  I mentioned in my Canva post that I can’t talk about Canva without talking about Pixabay.  These filters are why.


Two incredibly useful filters if you are searching for images to use in web graphics are the “Media type: Vector graphics” and “Color: Transparent” filters.  Vector graphics resize without distortion.  The transparent option can save you a lot of editing time.  If an image is marked transparent, it means the image comes without a background.  All you get is the object.

Happy searching! -Dee