Librarian Lightning Round

Librarian Lightning Round

For the next few weeks, we will interrupt our regular posting schedule for what I’m referring to as a series of lightning posts, which is short posts published more often. A bit of context first. I recently attended the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference. Different talks highlighted a number of tools and programs that don’t warrant long elaborate posts. I have convinced Dee to join me in posting short evaluations/explanations of these tools on a weekly basis until we cover them all. Then it will be back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Some of these tools you may know already, some you may not. You’ll find a list of what we plan to cover below, in no particular order. Could you go out and research them all on your own? Of course. But why spend all your valuable time when we can do the work for you.

ReadClearly, WriteClearly, BeelineReader,, Wave Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool, The Noun Project, PermaCC, Page Vault, Kahoot!, & Slack.

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